Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Rylie New Born Pictures

Rylie is now 7 weeks old and has changed a ton from these pictures. For those of you who have seen her she is our chunky monkey. We had a great time taking these pictures and Christina was a great photographer. She spent a long time trying to get Rylie to sleep but it payed off. I love the pictures of all our girls.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tea Party

Aspen had a fun, nice tea party at school for mother's day. It was so fun to be able to go and share that moment with her. She was super excited and was talking about it for a week and how everything was a surprise and she wasn't going to tell me. We had a yummy snack, they sang two songs (which she giggled the whole time), she gave me a nice flower with her picture on it, and my favorite two things were a book with all the pictures taken though out the school year and questions she answered about me, which she got them all right!

Dance Party

With the whole crazy week, physically and emotionally draining I've had. I was going to take the girls to the zoo and then just decided i wasn't up for it. So we went on a nature treasure hunt to the lake by our house. Which was relaxing and we saw a ton of turtles one of which was lost, i think. We got really close to him and were watching him poke his head in and out, the girls loved it. Then we decided to have a dance party. Got there dance clothes on, dressed up there matching biddy babies, turned up the music really loud, went in my bed room which is pretty dark, and turned on the sparkling lights. Days like this makes me excited to have another girl. Just don't ask about the rest of the week with them :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Bonnet Pictures. Not the best but I'll take anything with these two these days.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Aspen's Pretend Bday and Emmy & I while Aspen and Brady were gone.

They celebrated Aspen's bday at school today since she has a summer bday. So we rolled with it all day. She got to bring whatever she wanted in for her classmates and she choose doughnuts and a pink sprinkle one for herself. We went to Jason's Deli with Papa for lunch and had ice cream after. can you tell who dished her ice cream up! She was in heaven!! Brady took Aspen for a 2 day Daddy daughter vacation to Galveston. So Emmy and I have been doing pretty much nothing :) It's been fun to be with just Emmy. She talks more and has been saying a ton of new words. ITS A MIRACLE SHE CAN TALK! We went to the park and she loved playing with her friend Gracie. Emmy doesn't like to share. We all brought balls to play with too at the park and everything Emmy saw someone playing with her ball she would freak out and start crying and run over to me or go and get the ball. She liked going down the slides and picking flowers. We went to get the mail today and she insisted on wearing her princess dress up shoes. She actually walks really good in them. Since Aspen has been gone she has liked to play with anything she wants but I can tell she misses her and wants someone to play with. She was excited when they came home. She loves to watch the neighbors play Basketball she can hear them dribbling and she runs to look at the window and wants to go watch them. Here is a picture of her in the car crying b/c I told her we had to leave and couldn't watch them anymore. It's amazing how much more you can get out of Conference with only have one child. I had no idea how easy it is with just one and I think it's pretty easy with two.

Strawberry Picking

We have gone strawberry picking the last two years. A tradition we share with the Orth family. Not only are they delicious but the girls have so much fun. It was perfect weather today. Emmy knew exactly which ones to pick after the lady showed her all the rules. Her bucket was half full in no time. She thought it was nice to eat a couple as she picked too. Aspen was just playing, running around, and talking with her friends. Does that surprise anyone! She had only about 8ish in her bucket. We all had a great time.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We had a great weekend with family at the lake. The water was a little cold but there were still some of us crazy ones that got it. I went tubbing with the girls. They couldn't get enough We didn't but Emmy on one time and she cried to get it on. Great Sunday at church and then Dinner at my parents. We were sad to see Alli, Mark, and Jack leave :( Emmy couldn't get enough candy and they both loved hunting for eggs, and were pretty good at it. Aspen loved her new princess sunglasses that the girl easter bunny brought her all the way from Disney world. She wanted to make sure I sent the Easter bunny a picture and a text to say thank you.